Tire Cover Accessories

Shop for Tire Covers in Tire and Wheel Accessories. Buy products such as those available in our accessory section on most products. Accessories optional for tire covers are security, camera hole addition, extra warranty, and adding a matching logo hat.

  1. Add Security Grommets and Cable with Lock for$14.95
  2. Camera Hole Cut Out Option for $18.00
  3. Extra One-Year Extended Warranty for $10.95
  4. Matching Tire Cover Hat for $24.50

Shop today for what you need for your SUV.

Why do we offer accessories?

Because a thing can be added to something else to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive, accessories are an item that is not essential in its self but adds to the looks, safety, or effectiveness of the main item.

Who buys them?

All of the extras we offer now were actually asked for by our customers. So we see a need for them through our customer’s eyes.

Therefore we engineered these items to make our customers happy and to enrich the company by selling them.

What’s next

Our team consists of our employees and owners, who keep their ears open to any and all suggestions that may come along, so if you come up with an idea to improve our product, please offer us a suggestion and send it to us through our contact page.



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