Jeeps on The Beach

Jeeps on The Beach, There are many.

Are jeeps good on the beach?
Driving on beach sand with a Jeep is unlike any other vehicle. … Jeeps are capable of driving in a variety of off-road conditions and have the ability to pretty much go anywhere.
When did jeep beach start? Somewhere around 2012.
Since Jeep Beach began in 2012, this event’s fundraising efforts have donated over $1.2 million to local charities throughout central Florida such as The Boys and Girls Club of Volusia.
Where does Jeep Beach take place? Daytona Beach, Florida.
Jeep Beach enthusiasts celebrate a passion for off-road vehicles over five days of family-friendly fun for Jeep owners. Attracting Jeepers and Jeep industry vendors for a week in the Daytona Beach, Florida sun. This Jeep-only week-long event has become one of the premier Jeep events in the United States.

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