What is unique about mermaids?

 In some cultures, the mermaid signifies life and fertility within the ocean. In others, she embodies the destructive nature of the water, luring sailors to their deaths — serving as an omen for storms, wild seas, and disaster.

 What are their powers?

 Sirens are magical creatures, mermaids often depicted as having magical powers. There are all kinds of magic powers: Mind-reading, flying, invisibility, shapeshifting, controlling nature, and many more. Magic powers allow one to manipulate the elements and defy the laws of physics.

 Are mermaids friendly? Are mermaids good or bad for humans? 

Though sometimes kindly, mermaids were usually dangerous to humans. Their gifts brought misfortune and could cause disasters. They sometimes lured mortals to death by drowning or enticed young people to live with them underway.

 Can they mate with humans?

 Because humans can’t breathe underwater, if they want to have sex with a merperson, they need to get out of the water for a bit of bit. Logistically, it’s easier for merpeople to special cuddle with a human once they’ve transitioned. Sometimes, if magic is involved, they have to trade their voices for legs, though.

 Are sirens mermaids?

 The sirens we think of today are a variation of mermaids, but according to Greek mythology, they are half-woman, half-bird. Sirens, mentioned in Homer’s The Odyssey. An island near Scylla and Charybdis is where the sirens lived. Sirens were depicted on Greek pottery and paintings, commemorating the story of Odysseus.

 What are they afraid of?

 However, they were naturally afraid of fire, though this could be interpreted as a fear of any form of general warmth, which can cause them to dry out. This can be noted by mermaids fleeing Blackbeard’s Greek fire as well as legends of the Jungle Pools.


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