Bar Stool Slip-on Cover 12″


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Bar Stool Slip-on Cover 12″x2″

    Bar Stool Covers. All you have to do is slip the cover over your old cover, and it will be held securely in place by a reliable elastic band. A great addition to bars, game rooms, and sports lounges.

Description: Provide your old Stool with a fantastic new look. Made of Marine Vinyl which is waterproof and easy to clean. Round stools diameter approx-12 inches. Suitable decoration bar, restaurant living room study wedding celebrations, or other special events. Specification: Package Includes: 1 Piece Vinyl  Stool Stool Cover (Stool/Chair Not Included) 

     Our parent company Custom Grafix Industries manufactured Bar Stools with Vinyl covers and distributed them through a website called Slip-on Bar Stool to restaurants, saloons, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and the general public for at least ten years. In 2023, we have decided to restart the Bar Stool Cover manufacturing but will not make the stools themselves.

Stool Cover Specs

  1. Quantity 1/Each
  2. Shipping Weight 1 lb.
  3. Height 4 Inches
  4. Diameter 14 Inches
  5. Design Choose Your Color
  6. Features Made in America
  7. Material Vinyl


When more than one color is needed, please make a separate order before check-out.

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