Pirates Tire Cover


Show off with this spare tire cover!

The Pirate tire cover features a boldly printed logo that will last for years without fading.

Its elastic tie-down provides an easy fit. The heavy gauge vinyl material ensures long-term use, providing the perfect way to show your pride when you’re on the go.


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Pirates Tire Cover

Pirates Tire Cover


                             The height of plundering lasted about a decade from 1715-to 1725. Most pirates were English (35%), but other nationalities were also represented: colonials from America-25%, colonials from the West Indies-20%, Scots-10%, Welsh-8%, and Swedish/Dutch/French/Spanish-2%. A fair number of blacks also joined the pirates.

What phases do pirates say?

  • Accord = agreement.
  • Ahoy = hello.
  • All hands on deck = emergency.
  • Arrr = agreed.
  • Avast = stop.
  • Aye = yes.
  • Batten down the hatches = prepare for a storm.
  • Bilge rat = the lowest form of life.

What do pirates always say?

Pronounced also as “Yarrr!” and “Arg!”, the word “Arrr!” is traditionally said when responding “yes” or when expressing excitement.

Pirates are Still Very Real Today

Modern-day pirates come from all over the world, scouring the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the coasts of Africa. Somalia is considered the most notorious producer of today’s pirates, with a huge percentage of them coming from this country.

Who was the last real pirate?

Bartholomew Roberts

He was the last great pirate of the golden age, plundering over 400 ships.

Custom printed RV Tire Cover with 5-year outdoor ink on heavy-weight vinyl.

Not sure what size to buy? Please use our TIRE SIZE CALCULATOR to check your tire size. —Steve, CEO

Custom Grafix Tire Covers Advantages

  • Printed on heavyweight automotive, marine, 32-ounce expandable vinyl.
  • A strong shock cord holds on the tire cover for mounting.
  • Available on black vinyl only.
  • Two-Year Warranty on Materials and Workmanship.
  • In Stock. Normally ships in two days.
  • Select 26″—37″ Tire Covers
  • Includes Installation and Care Guide
  • FREE Protective Tire Cover Liner for Easy Installation
  • Anti-Theft Grommets and Security Cable Available.


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Tire Covers Manufactured by Custom Grafix Industries in Florida USA
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